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SS Racing


A third place finish in the final round of the Spanish Trial Championship held at Cal Rosal, has earned Adam Raga the runner-up position.
The Spanish Trial Championship has finished in the Barcelona town of Cal Rosal with good overall results for the Gas Gas team riders . In the top category, Adam Raga has been runner-up position after finishing third in a race complicated by rain that fell during the morning, and the Gas Gas TXT Pro Factory Replica rider has been first man out and opened the sections for the TR1 group. Despite having no one to watch for reference, Raga has ridden a good trial, with an almost flawless ride, despite an error in which he has scored the highest penalty. Finally finishing third in the Trial of Cal Rosal, a fact that grants him the runner-up champion of Spain.?

Jorge Casales, still recovering from an injury to his right foot, in which on Wednesday the doctors removed the cast, was able to finish the race, despite not being able to ride all of the sections. However, the mere fact of finishing the last race of the season has been enough for him to finish fifth in the National series.?

Another of the riders from the Gas Gas School of Champions, Catalan Pere Borrellas, risked his sixth place in the championship with Pol Tarrés, and with a very calm ride without eccentricities, Borrellas has achieved his goal, being sixth in the final round and also in the National competition series.??

Victories for the Gas Gas riders?
The Trial of Cal Rosal was also the last round of the Spanish Championship for the other National categories, where there have been triumphs by other Gas Gas riders. Thus, TR3, Victor Batalla has placed his Gas Gas ahead of his rivals. Also in the Cadete category, Asís Roldán has been victorious. And in TR4 there has been a full podium for Gas Gas: Jesús Fuentes, Elisabet Solera and Roberto Bautista

Adam Raga:?
"I am very happy today, being in front, seeing nothing from the other riders, and with no lines drawn out, but I think in the end I finished with a good score despite an error that I could have avoided. We had to fight a lot and I am happy to win the runner-up position. Both Outdoor and Indoor, and valuing the World Championship, this has been my best year of the last seven and this should be celebrated.?The next goal is to prepare for the Indoor World Championship and try to do my best. Prepare both rider and the whole bike. This year, Gas Gas and I have taken a step forward, and we look forward to another step in the next season".??

Jorge Casales:?
"The goal was to try to finish the race. I knew I could not do much, mostly because two days ago I removed the cast from my foot. I went to finish and try not to get hurt. I have to thank my minder who helped me and the team has adapted the bike so I could ride it. A fifth in the final championship, I am very excited. It was an almost perfect year and I'm very encouraged for the following: the World Indoor, which will be my first year".

Pere Borrellas:?
"I'm happy with the final result, and although we have finished all only fair, the goal I had here was to beat Pol and to finish sixth in the championship in which I have succeeded. This has been a great year for me, I started well in Ibiza, and then faltered a little, but at the end of the year, I have fared better. I want to note much support from Gas Gas, where in some races I can give all thanks to the bike".

1. Toni Bou, 3 points
2. Albert Cabestany, 11 points
3. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 14 points
4. Jeroni Fajardo, 21 points
5. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas), 44 points
6. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas), 45 points
8. Gianluca Tournour (Gas Gas), 105 points
9. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas), 120 points


1. Toni Bou, 100 points
2. Adam Raga, 79 points
3. Albert Cabestany, 75 points
4. Jeroni Fajardo, 58 points
5. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas), 51 points
6. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas), 46 points
8. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas), 34 points
10. Gianluca Tournour (Gas Gas), 31 points
11. Jesús Martín (Gas Gas), 20 points


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