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SS Racing


The Gas Gas Enduro team has started in the Basella Race 1, where one of the riders of the Spanish brand has achieved outright victory in the prestigious pre-season test in which he competed against several World Championship riders.

The team's strategy has shown its result, and after consistent riding under conditions not at all easy, as the ground was very muddy, with Oriol Mena having gotten a final decisive edge over his rivals, crossing the finish line in first place with the Gas Gas EC 250F.

With the win for Oriol Mena in the Basella Race one must add the good results of the other Gas Gas Factory Team Pons riders, with Antoine Basset in sixth position, Marc Solà in eighth, and Loïc Minaudier in twelfth. For the French riders this was their first competition with the brand, and despite having a bad start have been able to counter with a good comeback, have rated the test as a positive experience, and having been surprised by the large number of fans and participants in the 'BR1'.

'La fiesta del enduro' - An Enduro Party, which has the support of Gas Gas, working with the organization, has given a satisfactory result for the Catalan brand in preparation for the opening round of the Enduro World Championship to be held in Solsona on the 5th and 6th of April.

Oriol Mena:
"I'm happy for the victory. It is a very good result for me. The race went well, and we have not had any problems all weekend. The strategy is also part of racing, and for me, it has benefited me this time. I think we have made the steps we had to do and we have done well."


1. Oriol Mena (Gas Gas), 2:13'18.256
2. Jaume Betriu, 2:15'52.375
3. Iván Cervantes, 2:16'36.431
4. Jeremy Tarroux, 2:17'57.657
5. Jordan Curvalle, 2:18'09.872
6. Antoine Basset (Gas Gas), 2:20'57.141
8. Marc Solà (Gas Gas), 2: 24'47.898
12. Loïc Minaudier (Gas Gas), 2: 25'49.325


Hell at Hell's Gate

Melcior Faja and Dani Oliveras participated in the classic Hell's Gate Extreme Enduro, which only managed to have two riders who finished. After the morning test, both riders of the Gas Gas Extreme Team failed to qualify for the final test, in which only the thirty best riders could start.

However, the strong pace that has been imposed by the winner, Graham Jarvis has made the first pass through the goal, Dani Oliveras stayed out of the race. Melcior Faja, by contrast, has been able to hold on, but at the end of your third lap of the grueling journey through the mountains of Tuscany, the time difference with the leader has been more than 30 minutes, which meant that he has been disqualified when running in seventh provisional position.

Melcior Faja:
"Only two riders finished the four laps, and that indicates the degree of difficulty of the course: many riders we were out in the early laps. The ground was very tricky, very muddy and slippery. The afternoon round was very long and is why Jarvis could make more time difference. There were plenty of stones and streams, sliding a lot. Besides water, there was mud. I felt good, but the pace at the front was superior."

Dani Oliveras:
"The first fifty yards were terrible for me. I fell into a pool of water and the bike was drowned-out. I lost a lot of time and I could just make one lap. However, It is good experience and I'm sure I'll be fine for the next extreme. It's hard. There was a lot of mud and it was very slippery. And it was very complicated."

The next test for the Gas Gas Enduro Extreme Team will be the 'Tough One' in the UK on April 19th.


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